Elevate Your Performance with The Most Advanced Soccer Sock

The MediCaptain is an All-in-One Soccer Athletic Sock with Built In Shin Guards, Grip Technology, and Shock Protect Padding for Foot. Our patent-pending soccer sock brings together all of the essential protective gear a soccer player needs!

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Save Money and Time 

Shin Guard

Unlike other shin socks, the MediCaptain includes a Built In Shin Guard made of durable, honeycomb silicone.

Grip Sock

Additional Anti-Slip Grip Sock Rubber beneath the sock, eliminating the need to purchase another grip sock for playing.

Shock Protect 

Includes a region of padding on the metatarsal bone area. This is a first of its kind solution to one of the most common soccer injuries. 

⚽All in One Coverage⚽

Want just a grip sock?

Check out our MediCaptain Lite. The most advanced Grip Sock with multi sport purpose. It protects your most vulnerable region of the foot, the metatarsal area. It comes equipped with both Anti Slip Grip Technology and ShockPad Protection for the Metatarsal Bone. Sign up for Pre Order Info!

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